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Shaping the IoT world

Multipurpose IoT devices with Sigfox and 3G connectivity

Cloud Platforms leveraging your IoT Solutions

End-to-End vertical solutions for Smart Cities

Smart Sourcing & Nearshoring

Wind farms

Multipurpose IoT devices with Sigfox and 3G connectivity

Multiple Interfaces

Local and Remote Management

Geo Location Integrated

Sigfox, Wi-Fi & 2G/3G Solutions

M2M Terminals

Learn more about Loka, PicoM2M and FemtoM2M, the Thought Creator terminals designed for highly demanding industrial environments.

Garden Controller

The Garden Controller is an irrigation control system for gardens that helps you saving water.

TC M2M Cloud Platform

With the TC M2M Cloud Platform, develop and deploy your applications and M2M services in days, not months!

TC Bus

A modular and flexible solution for  Public Transportation Operations Management, including fleet management in real-time, instantaneous one-to-many group communication, integration with ticketing systems, signage…

TC Device Manager

Manage and control all your M2M devices, wherever they are, with security and robustness. Learn more about TC Device Manager

TC Dispatch

Use TC Dispatch to control all your assets. You will receive events and schedule actions in remote systems to always let you know what is happenning with your assets.

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