Multi-functional connectivity in M2M solutions

FemtoM2M is a tiny, low cost and multi-functional communications device for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Networking, that can be used to integrate secure 24-7 cellular connectivity (2G) into other machines and industrial equipments. It is a very compact and robust device, with outstanding low power consumption, extendable in functionality with a diversity of stackable modules. The multiple digital and analog I/O interfaces allow the FemtoM2M to integrate sensors and other devices in the network.

Designed to be a multi-purpose device, FemtoM2M can be used in several implementations such as Fleet Management, Vending Machines, Energy metering, interconnection with alarm centrals, environmental monitoring, agriculture and gardens’ management and monitoring, etc.

Plug-and-Play, Extensible, Flexible

Multiple Interfaces
Digital ports supporting I2C, 1-Wire and SPI protocols, analog 12-bit ports, UART allows an integration with a wide range of common equipments and sensors.

Multi-function serial port
The flexible general purpose RS-232 interface provides functionalities covering most scenarios of M2M.

The GPS receiver allows location-based M2M solutions.

Remote Control and Interconnection
Easily deployable with legacy equipments allowing their control in real-time (telemetry, tele-command).