Guaranteed 2G/3G Connectivity in M2M solutions

PicoM2M is a small wireless modem/router for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Networking, that can be used to integrate cellular connectivity (2G/3G) into other machines and industrial equipments. PicoM2M packs 2G GSM/GPRS or 3G/HSPA cellular communications with TCP/IP connectivity into a compact and robust housing, including a range of common interfaces, and an integrated SIM/USIM cardholder.

Plug-and-Play, Fast, Flexible, Efficient

Multiple Interfaces
The general purpose RS-232 interface and the Ethernet port, support a plethora of protocols, ensuring the integration with the majority of the data-loggers, sensors, telemetry devices, etc.

VPN Connectivity
With PicoM2M, machines and equipments can be aggregated into single or multiple VPNs for direct and secure communications between all devices.

One variant for 2G/GPRS and another for 3G/HSPA to better suit your needs.

The integrated GPS and the power supply range between 8V and 30V DC turn it ideal for deployments in vehicles (fleet management, transportation and logistics, etc.).